Aroma Coffee Festival – More of a weak decaf latte than triple ristretto

Aroma Coffee FestI have once again successfully run around the Aroma Coffee Festival before most of the punters arrived (an absolute must unless you want to cue for ages just to get a coffee) and got what I could from the experience. First impression was that the number of coffee stalls has diminished again. Most of the smaller cafes and more interesting coffee producers have stayed away it seems.

I still managed to grab 3 different espressos and a cold drip, all of which were decent, but all of which were roasted specifically for milk coffee (med-dark roast), but as yet, nothing exciting. This is a real pity as the original festival provided an awesome opportunity to try coffee from cafes all over (not just the larger ones). I hope that eventually that go back to more of a coffee focus, but think what they are doing now is likely to be much more commercially successful for them…

Truth be told, the best coffee experience of the day was provided by Mecca CQ, who did a special “Coffee Yum Cha”, to showcase more of their interesting single origin filter coffees. Worth checking out.

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