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(Don't know them all? - I can help)

Yellow Pages LogoIn the past there was really only one logo that your business had to know (other than their own) to ensure customers could find them. With mobile Internet connected devices in most peoples hands, and Google their first port of call, can they easily find you…?

Facebook – For many businesses, the starting place these days is setting up a Facebook page. It takes minimal effort to get going, it makes you feel like you have done something, and more often than not the most important thing is… that it is free.
– While I often recommend Facebook as a great part of an online digital strategy, is should never be the only arrow in your quiver.
Google – When you are looking for something online, what do you do first? For many, the answer is that they “Google It”. Depending on the effort that has been put in by the business, result will vary greatly.
– If you have only relied on Facebook, your results will not be impressive. Luckily there are things we can do about that.
Google Maps – Once you’ve done your Google search, look to the right of the screen. See a map of your business? Without a Google Maps listing, how are people going to find your location, opening hours or contact details?
– Making sure that your details are correct across the many different listings across the Internet is something the I can help you with.

Too complex...?

Don't get overwhelmed. Get help.

Fridley Web Services will get your business found on Google Maps, Facebook, FourSquare, Zomato, Yelp and other online directories. (up to 5hrs work)

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