Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia Sydney Seminar

February 25, 2008
Today months of hard work paid off when over 150 people attended the Sydney ERIA Seminar titled “The Roadmap Towards Economic Integration in East Asia”. This event brought together some of Asia’s leading academics, business people, policy makers and economists to hear keynote presentations and a roundtable discussion.

Responsibilities and Achievements:

Located and negotiated venue availability and costs
Maintained an ongoing liaison with the venue management, AV supplier, and catering sections.
Minimised costs associated with graphic design through use of open source software (Scribus, GIMP, and Inkscape).
Avoided outsourcing by personally designing logos, fliers, handouts, pamphlets and other documentation.
Maintained continuous dialog with speakers and event coordinators.
Prepared press packs to distribute to media representatives.
Ensured staff were properly briefed on the event details.
Followed up with speakers and guest to ensure that the success of the event carried through to generate and maintain useful contacts.

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