WSOP – World Series of Poker

I miss being able to go to the pub and play Texas Holdem, and visit the occasional comp, but pulling out this app now and again kinda scratches the itch. Sure, you still occasionally run into people who bet outlandishly, going all in at the drop of a hat, but once the ante gets higher, that becomes less frequent.

In fact, while much of the  bluff game is kneecapped by the game being online, the actual gameplay is smooth and easy to control. I especially love the comp tables where the ante gets larger over time. Best of all, while you can buy chips, you get enough free chips that with a bit of luck, you can turn into a tidy sum.

The only annoyance is the barrage of adverts you get for chip deals right at the launch of the app. It is a pain, but quickly ignored.


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