The Sandman

Saw a new book on Audible from Neil Gaiman, so downloaded it and dove in. TLDR… I had no idea….

The mental images were dark, Gothic, Sin City like grittiness… mixed with the undertones of American Gods, DCs Joker and a wistful the Graveyard Book.

The chapters were like episodic graphic novels mixed with Black Mirror… and as I drew close to finishing the audio book, I felt surely this would make a great TV series (or something)….

ONLY TO FIND THAT…. I’ve been living under a rock… O_o

The Sandman is the same publication that’s been running since 1989 through to 2015 with more than 75 issues…

It is not only epic, it has received countless awards and is on multiple must-read lists. This audio book only represents the first 3 volumes of the series, but leaves you wishing for more.

The Sandman - Neil Gaiman